Tribal Foundational Public Health Services
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Tribal sovereignty has been our way since time immemorial. Tribal governance is based on trusted systems, policies, and environments—governance that empowers our people, is culturally competent, and promotes health equity.

Tribal Foundational Public Health Services (TFPHS) are basic underlying capabilities and programs that must be present in every community to protect the health and safety of all citizens. These are core governmental services needed in each community. Tribes offer public health services to their communities, and in certain instances, the communities around them.

In 2021, the Washington State Legislature passed the Supporting measures to create comprehensive public health districts bill, which requires local boards of health to offer a seat on the board to offer a seat to Tribes and UIHOs. At the February 2, 2022, AIHC Delegates’ gathering, Dr. Tom Locke presented Organization and Function of Public Health Services in Washington State. View this video to determine whether your Tribe or UIHO wants to take advantage of the opportunity to serve on your local board of health.

Tribes exercise their sovereignty when they establish, control, operate, and deliver public health services.