About AIHC

We are a Tribal driven non-profit that focuses on American Indian and Alaska Native health in Washington state. Our membership includes 29 federally recognized Indian Tribes whose traditional lands and territories included parts of Washington, and two Urban Indian Health Organizations (UIHOs). Our mission is to bring wellness to our communities and honor the sovereignty of our ways. We work with Washington State government agencies to develop policies that reflect and support our resilience. Our ways are resilient.

Our Pulling Together for Wellness (PTW) health framework is based on Indigenous traditions, culture, and values—wellness depends on the emotional, social, spiritual, and physical well-being of a person, their family, and the community.

We collaborate with federal and state government agencies to mitigate the disparities in health systems serving Tribal communities and urban areas that have had a negative impact on our people. Removing barriers to sovereignty and honoring the trust responsibility to bring wellness to our communities.

Tribes are sovereign nations. Each Tribe brings its unique culture and traditions to our work. We work together for health outcomes that reflect our resilience.