Crisis Response Services

Tribal Nations have inherent sovereignty to respond to behavioral health crises in their communities. BH crisis response varies across nations and can include crisis lines, after hour numbers, volunteers, first responders, and mental health and substance use professionals. Some aspects of crisis response are handled internally. Some aspects are approached in partnership with regional resources such as county mobile crisis teams, designated crisis responders, or statewide resources such as 988 and the Native and Strong Lifeline.

Our work supports efforts to expand, clarify, and distinguish Tribal Behavioral Health Crisis Response. This includes model language for codes, policies and protocols, as well as hosting and facilitating strategic planning sessions.

Draft Templates

Code language for adoption or reference by Tribes. Includes general behavioral health authority as well as involuntary treatment processes.

Model policies for Tribes implementing Tribal DCR projects.

Model protocols for agreements between Tribes, the State of Washington and contractors for crisis response services.

Tabletop Excercises

To see examples of an intense half day strategic planning session, visit the Tabletop Exercise Materials Folder.

For more information, to join regular workgroup meetings, or to plan a Tabletop Exercise, contact Kathryn Akeah, Tribal Health Consultant, at kathrynakeah@gmail.com or by phone at 360-350-2596.

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