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TBHI Toolbox Chapter 1 – Disclaimer

IMPORTANT – Things to Know Before Using the Tribal Behavioral Health Integration Toolbox

Liability Disclaimer

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Use of Toolbox Materials

Materials in the Toolbox are available to use and supplement current Tribal Behavioral Health Integration efforts, not substitutes for policies, current integration plans, guidelines, protocol or activities within a Tribe.

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TBHI Toolbox Chapter 1 – Disclaimer (above)

TBHI Toolbox Chapter 2 – Introduction

TBHI Toolbox Chapter 3 – TBHI Models

TBHI Toolbox Chapter 4 – Getting Started — Assessments

TBHI Toolbox Chapter 5 – Planning — Team Building

TBHI Toolbox Chapter 6 – Planning — Core Components

TBHI Toolbox Chapter 7 – Planning — Workflow

TBHI Toolbox Chapter 8 – Planning — Action Plan

TBHI Toolbox Chapter 9 – Action — Registries

TBHI Toolbox Chapter 10 – Action — Screening

TBHI Toolbox Chapter 11 – Action — Staffing and Financing

TBHI Toolbox Chapter 12 – Follow Up and Community Engagement