Pam James

Pam is co-founder of Native Strategies as well as an author.
Native Strategies, a non-profit organization that offers distinctive, culturally responsive training and consulting services, to inspire proactive change, health and wellbeing. Native Strategies delivers professional services specializing in training, facilitation, project implementation; infrastructure development; program design, people management and grant services. Pam shares her extensive experience in the health and human services field, working and directing Tribal Social and Health Service programs, promoting traditional parenting practices and research with the “Auntie/Grandma” approach to traditional native parenting practices in Home Visitation. Pam co-wrote with her husband based on their book “Coming together in a Good Way” the “Leading the Next Generations – Healthy Relationship Curriculum and the “Government – to – Government Training” curricula used by the Washington State Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs to educate state employees, educational institutions, organizations and agencies with the understanding of the government – to – government relationship between the State and Federally recognized tribes.