Z DEAD links, Meeting Minutes

Z DEAD links, Meeting Minutes

08-09-18 Agenda

DCYF Office of Innovation, Alignment and Accountability Update

Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission LTC Workgroup Plan

Long Term Care Budget Proviso and Tribal Consultation 07-24-18

Laura Platero AIHC Legislative and Policy Update 08-09-18

AIHC Resolution 2018-003 Tribal Foundational Public Health Service

Public Health Consultant Updates 08-09-18


5-10-18 Agenda

05-10-18 Minutes

WSU Physician Recruitment

WA Health Care Authority (HCA) Update


DBHR Update

Thunderbird Treatment Center

American Indian Community Center

Federal Policy and Legislative Update – NPAIHB

IHS Budget 3-Year Comparison


02-08-18 Agenda

02-08-18 Minutes

AIHC Resolution for Tribal Evaluation and Treatment Funds Contracting 02-08-18

Indian Health Care Bill Budget Proviso 02-08-17 with Questions

Public Health Consultant Updates 02-08-18

Tobacco Brief 02-06-18

Tribal Behavioral Health Integration Assessment Summary Results 2017


12-14-17 Agenda

12-14-17 Minutes

AIHC Income and Expense Report 11-30-2017

AIHC FY 2018 Budget

AIHC Tribal Support Resolution 12-14-2017

Assessment of Tribal Behavioral Health Integration – AIHC

DRAFT AIHC Delegate Duties and Responsibilities

PHEPR Cross-Jurisdictional Collaboration Project Update

Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative DOH

Washington Association of Community and Migrant Health Centers (WACMHC)


10-05-17 Agenda

AIHC August 24th 2017 Delegates Meeting Minutes

Centennial Accord Pre-Meeting Agenda

Draft Washington State Tribal Centric Health Plan Agreement – 2017-09-27

FINAL Washington State Tribal Centric Health Plan Agreement – 2017-10-10

MIH Resolution Final

PHEPR Project Updates AIHC Delegates Meeting October 5 2017

PTW Slide

Public Health Consultant Updates 10-05-17

Washington State Interagency Indian Health Advisory Committee DRAFT Agenda – 10-09-17

Washington Tribal Centric Plan Agreement MOA Background


08-24-17 Agenda

08-24-17 Minutes

Amerigroup AIHC Delegates Presentation

Community Preparedness Assessment Project Description and Statement of Interest 08-24-2017

Community Preparedness Assessment Project Update AIHC Delegates Meeting August 24

Immunization funding resolution AIHC.8.2017 FINAL

MAA Project Update AIHC Delegates Meeting August 24

Market Stabilization Presentation OIC and HBE

Public Health Consultant Updates August 2017 -8-21-17

Public Health Projects SummaryTransformation Funds Executive Session Points

Transformation Funds Executive Session Points

Tribal Project Fund and TCE Overview – AIHC 8-21-17


06-08-17 Agenda

DOH Practice Transformation Hub Presentation

Draft Letter of Agreement for HCA With AIHC-NPAIHB Revisions

Draft Letter to IHS Regarding RPMS Cooperation

Draft Washington State Tribal Centric Health Plan – 2016-06-02 AIHC-NPAIHB Revisions

MAA PHEPR Project Update 06-08-17

Public Health Consultant Updates June 2017

Survey of LHJs – Services to tribes 2017-05-23-Final Draft 2

Tribal FPHS Key Informant Interviews Template Draft 05-25-17

Tribal FPHS Work Plan Flow Chart

WA Indian STCs – Redline – AIHC Draft vs Draft Submitted to CMS


04-14-17 Agenda

AIHC Delegates Meeting August 4, 2016 Minutes

AIHC Delegates Meeting February 9, 2017 Minutes

Public Health Consultant Updates April 2017

Mutual Aid Agreement Project Update 04-14-2017

Youth Marijuana Presentation

Youth Marijuana Research Presentation

Data Project Visual – Using i2i Technology

i2i Indian Health Care Provider Client List

About Washington State Public Health Association 2017

HBE Update

OIC Tribal Medicare Brochure

HCA Update

AIHC 2017 1st Qtr Budget Narrative


02-09-17 Agenda

02-09-17 Minutes

AIHC Executive Director Report 02-09-2017

AIHC 2016 Budget Narrative 02-09-2017

AIHC 2017 Meetings SAVE THE DATE

AIHC Priorities Chart 2017-18

Mutual Aid Agreement Project Overview 02-09-2017

Mutual Aid Agreement Project Description 02-06-2017

Mutual Aid Agreement Project Update 02-09-2017

Sample Resolution for Tribe to Participate in Project v 2

Community Emergency Preparedness Assessment Project Overview 02-09-2017

Mutual Aid Agreement Project Description 02-06-2017

Tribal Foundational Public Health Services Presentation

HCA Slides – AIHC Bimonthly Meeting – 2.7.17

AIHC Policy Committee


08-04-16 Agenda

08-04-16 Minutes

AIHC 2016 Budget Narrative Through July 31 2016

AIHC Statement of Financial Income 7-31-16

HCA Update August 4 2016

1915(b) Waiver Tribal Fact Sheet

Hepatitis C Presentation

Public Health Consultant Updates August 4 2016

AIHC Regional Mutual Aid Agreement Facilitation Project Description

AIHC Facilitated Tribal Community Preparedness Toolbox Project Description

Tribal Urban and IHS Clinic Continuation of Operations Training Project Description


06-09-16 Agenda

06-09-16 Minutes

AIHC 2016 Budget Narrative Thru May 31 2016

YTD Finance Report thru May 2016

Amerigroup Presentation

HCA Update June 9 2016

PHEPR Funding Updates


04-07-16 Agenda

DRAFT Minutes AIHC Meeting Feb 11 2016

AIHC Delegates Meetings 2016 SAVE THE DATE!

Home Visiting SAVE THE DATE

Letter from DSHS to Tribal Leaders re BHOs 03-30-16

Exploring a Tribal BHO

ITU Issues Grid – Behavioral Health 03-17-16


02-11-16 Agenda

02-11-16 Minutes

AIHC Annual Financial Report 2015

AIHC Draft Letter to HCA re ACH Consultation 2-8-16

ACH Model Consultation Protocols 2-9-15

Public Health Consultant Updates Feb 11 2016

PHEPR Contracting Changes Update

AIHC Tribal Community PHEPR Asset Mapping and Gap Analysis Project

Suquamish Babies Safe Sleep Project

Washington State Public Health Association Presentation

Consumer Advocacy Program OIC

HCA Update

Washington Link4Health Clinical Data Repository DecisionTree


12-10-15 Agenda

12-10-15 Minutes

DOH Highlights 2015

DOH Informatics Roadmap

HCA Updates

OIC Updates

NPAIHB THRIVE – Zero Suicides

AIHC Public Health Consultant Updates

AIHC 2016 Meetings SAVE THE DATE!

10-01-15 Agenda

10-01-15 Minutes

10-01-15 Public Health Project Updates

AIHC Communication and Engagement Work Plan 09-26-15

AIHC Delegate Duties and Responsibilities Draft

AIHC Priorities

AIHC Workgroups and Committees Draft

First Steps MSS Update

HCA Updates 10-01-15

WA Prescription Monitoring Program

08-13-15 Agenda

08-13-15 Minutes

08-13-15 Public Health Project Updates

HCA Updates 08-13-15

Healthier Washington 08-13-15

Practice Transformation HUB

NWTEMC Emergency Preparedness Conference Presentation

Shoalwater Bay Tribe Pulling Together for Wellness Presentation

05-14-15 Agenda

05-14-15 Minutes

05-14-15 Public Health Project Updates

Tribal Premium Sponsorship Technical Assistance

Washington Health Care Authority Updates

02-12-15 Agenda

02-12-15 Minutes

02-12-15 Public Health Project Updates

Briefing Paper – PHEPR Funds

Money Follows the Person -Tribal Initiative Fact Sheet – 2015

National Resource Center on Native American Aging – Identifying Our Needs Project

Identifying Our Needs – A Survey of Elders

Washington Insurance Issuer Requirements for AI-AN and ITUs 1-27-15

12-11-14 Agenda

12-11-14 Minutes

12-11-14 Public Health Project Updates

12-11-14 MCH Block Grant Recommendations

12-11-14 Pulling Together For Wellness Case Study

12-11-14 Summit Debrief Meeting Notes

12-11-14 HCA Update

12-11-14 AIHC Indian Health Care Reform Manual

09-18-14 Agenda

09-18-14 Minutes

Briefing Paper – ABD Elders Dual Eligible Project

Briefing Paper – Indian Addendum HE 9-2-14 (RG-9-2-14Revisions)

Briefing Paper – Managed Care Indian Provisions (RGantz-09-01-14)

Briefing Paper – OIC Complaint Process HE 9-2-14

Briefing Paper – PHEPR

Briefing Paper – SHCIP Indian Provisions (RGantz-09-01-14)

Briefing Paper – SHCIP Tribal Centric Health Home Model (RGantz 09-01-14)

Briefing Paper – Tribal Consultation HE 9-2-14

06-12-14 Agenda

06-12-14 Minutes

Dear Tribal Leaders Letter Regarding DSHS Budget 06-03-14

06-12-14 Public Health Projects Presentation

AIHC Tribal Assister Technical Assistance Project Updates June 12 2014

Tribal DOH Funding Formula Proposals 2014

05-01-14 Agenda

05-01-14 Minutes

05-01-14 Public Health Projects Presentation

02-13-14 Agenda

02-13-14 Minutes

02-13-14 Public Health Projects Presentation

12-13-13 Agenda

12-13-13 Minutes

12-13-13 Public Health Projects Presentation

10-29-13 Agenda

10-29-13 Minutes

09-13-13 Agenda

09-13-13 Minutes

Tribal Leaders Health Summit Status Update Report 09-13-13

Tribal Leaders Health Summit 12-11-12 Summary Report

09-13-13 Indian Health Care Delivery Plan Briefing Paper

09-13-13 Public Health Projects Presentation

06-14-13 Agenda

06-14-13 Minutes

06-14-13 Public Health Projects Presentation

04-18-13 Agenda

04-18-13 Minutes

04-18-13 Public Health Projects Presentation

02-08-13 Agenda

02-08-13 Minutes – Brief Closed Meeting

10-12-12 Minutes

10-12-12 Attendees

02-08-13 Public Health Projects Presentation

08-10-12 Agenda

08-10-12 Minutes