2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Alphabetical Index of Resources

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Measles Outbreak – Clark County, WA 2019

Measles Resources for Indian Healthcare Providers

CDC Resources
Measles 2019-Indian Healthcare Provider Update 02-26-2019
Measles 2019-Indian Community Update


DOH Measles Information


Wildfires and Air Quality – Summer 2018

Resources from the Washington State Department of Health (DOH)

Public information resources 
For schools and school districts:
Roles and responsibilities. A challenging aspect of wildfire smoke response can be the number of agencies and jurisdictions involved. Here are the two appendices for the ESF 8: Public Health, Medical and Mortuary Services:
Contact for subject matter experts
  • Contact Julie Fox if you need health guidance about outdoor air.
  • Contact Nancy Bernard if you need health guidance about indoor air and schools.
  • If wildfire smoke is affecting several counties, we will schedule recurrent calls with subject matter experts so you have an opportunity to ask questions.

Wildfire Resources

Smoke and Air Quality Guidance for Childcare and Early Learning Providers
Washington Smoke Information
Current Northwest Fire Situation
Air Quality Forecasting for the Pacific Northwest
Washington State Department of Health Smoke Information and Guidance
DOH Toolkits for Specific Sensitive Groups


Influenza Resources

DOH Information Page – Check Here for Comprehensive Information
CDC Information Page
CDC’s Seasonal Flu Web Page
CDC’s Weekly Influenza Report
CDC’s Inluenza Free Resources
Immunization Action Coalition Handouts
Influenza Vaccine Availability Tracking System

Tribal Community Information

Tribal Community Flyer
Tribal Community Mailer 2016

Additional Resources

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Guidance Documents (being updated)

Provider Guidance Summary 12-22-16
Specimen Shipping Guide
Toolkit for Tribes
Toolkit for Schools Preschools and Child Care Centers


Webinar Update Meetings

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