Indian Health Care Delivery System

Overview of the Indian Health Care System

Tribal Sovereignty and the Indian, Tribal and Urban Health System in Washington State (Ppt)

Topics covered:

      • History: Tribal Sovereignty and Treaties
      • ¬†Government to Government Relations
      • Federal Rules and Regulations Impacting Indian Health
      • Indian Health Care Delivery System
      • Health Disparities of American Indian and Alaska Natives
      • Tribal Challenges
      • Tribal Expertise
      • Importance of Culturally Appropriate Strategies

American Indian Health Care Delivery Plan

The American Indian Health Care Delivery Plan is a collaborative effort between the Washington State Department of Health (DOH), the American Indian Health Commission for Washington State (AIHC), and Washington State Tribes.  Since 1997 the plan (and its subsequent updates) has served as a framework for Tribes, Urban Indian Health Organizations, the Commission, and Washington State to address a shared goal of improving the health status of American Indian/Alaska Native people (AI/AN).  Please click here to read the American Indian Health Care Delivery Plan.

Electronic Health Records

Behavioral Health

Medicaid System Transformation

Medicaid and Medicare
Managed Care Organizations
Indian Health Care Reform Manual for WA State
Washington Indian Health Care Improvement Act (pdf)

Indian Health Care Resources
Governor’s Indian Health Advisory Council