COVID-19: Data Resources

COVID-19: Data Resources

Working DRAFT – DOH Data Sharing Agreement

DRAFT DOH Data Sharing Agreement rev. 7-27-21


COVID-19 Data Projections (University of Washington)

COVID-19 Case Projections


Washington State Rapid Health Information Network (RHINO)

Washington State Department of Health’s (DOH’s) Rapid Health Information NetwOrk (RHINO) program collects data in near real-time from hospitals and clinics across the state. Key data elements reported include patient demographic information, chief complaint, and coded diagnoses. This information is useful for governments and health jurisdictions to monitor emerging public health threats and understand the burden of disease and injuries in a geographic area.
Tribes and urban Indian programs can choose to request direct user access to the system or they can submit requests for DOH staff to generate specific reports.  During the COVID-19 response, DOH is offering expedited provisional access to the data, allowing additional time to obtain signature of the agreement to receive data from RHINO and ESSENCE systems.
For additional assistance, please contact or
Introduction to RHINO for Tribes and UIHPs 04-10-22
Emergency Departments and Clinics in the ESSENCE Data System
Agreement to Receive Data from RHINO and ESSENCE Systems
Confidentiality Agreement for Individuals to Receive Login Access to ESSENCE and RHINO Data
Form to Request Data Reports from DOH
Additional Information on the RHINO System