COVID-19: How to Request Funding, Resources and Assistance

COVID-19: How to Request Funding, Resources and Assistance

Vaccination Resources

Sharps Containers

COVID Funding Guidance

Commerce Department Tribal Government COVID-19 Emergency Response Grants – Allowable Expenses Guide

PPE Donations for Tribes and UIHPs

Fred Hutch and University of Washington PPE Donations

Resource Requests

WEEKLY PPE Request Process As of 04-26-2020
31-Day Supply of PPE for In-home Care Workers
TESTING – Process for Ordering Specimen Collection Kits (Test Kits)

Cloth Face Coverings (Masks)

Cloth Face Masks Available From FEMA
Cloth Face Coverings from HHS

Food Insecurity

Food Security Resources
Food Security and Nutrition-Related Programs
For all questions related to hunger relief, food banks, and food supply, please email


Washington State Department of Commerce Letter re CARES Act Funding to Tribes 07-13-2020
BIA CARES Act Funding FAQs 07-02-2020
FEMA Public Assistance Reimbursement – “How To” Videos
Washington State Department of Commerce – Emergency Response Grant for Tribal Governments
COVID-19 Federal Resource Matrix (USDA)
FEMA Disaster Financial Management Guide
Funds Tracking – State and Federal Funding Available to Tribes
COVID-19 Federal Resource Matrix (USDA)
NIHB Letter to U. S. Department of Health and Human Services
Tribe Accessing FEMA Reimbursement as Subrecipient to Washington State


IHS National Supply Service Center – COVID19 Resources
Mutual Aid – Requesting Assistance from Another Tribe or Local Health Jurisdiction
WebEOC User Guides


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